Residential Propane Gas Service

Residential Propane Gas Service

Natural Gas

Detweiler’s Propane Gas Service has been providing impeccable service to our residential customers for over 60 years!  Yes, same family, same service for over 60 years.

Propane gas and natural gas are a clean and efficient way to fuel your Florida lifestyle. With its natural ability to efficiently deliver total energy value, it's no wonder Floridians continue to turn to propane and natural gas to meet their growing needs. There are numerous ways to use propane in your home:

Propane Gas & Natural Gas Range & Cooktop

Range and Cooktop

You don't have to be a gourmet cook to appreciate propane's fast, precise temperature control. It produces an even heat with no hot spots to scorch sauces or burn tops of cakes or casseroles. Anyone who endures power outages should understand the value of propane gas and natural gas cooking. While most modern propane gas and natural gas appliances have electronic ignition, gas ranges and cooktops can also be lit with a match.

Propane Gas & Natural Gas Fireplaces

Fireplace with glass base Mountain birth Split Oak

Today's propane gas and natural gas fireplaces come in every style, from traditional to crescent beehive, rustic and Victorian.

There's a style and a model for every room and taste. And they burn so cleanly and efficiently, they can heat the whole room. With remote controls, you can turn the fire's glow on and off and regulate the amount of flame and heat, all from your chair.

We carry several different brands including White Mountain Hearth by Empire and RH Peterson Real Fyre. We can set you up with beautiful logs and if you need the firebox we sell those too.

Propane Gas & Natural Gas Clothes Dryer

Clothes Dryer

High-efficiency propane gas & natural gas dryers will dry clothes quickly and for less money than electric models. They also produce less static cling. Many gas dryers can sense when clothes are dry, which saves energy and reduces the risk of shrinkage. Propane gas & Natural gas dryers now offer touch controls, digital displays, and microcomputer-based temperature settings for sensitive fabrics.

Propane Gas & Natural Gas Water Heaters

water heater

Because they are the most efficient, propane gas & natural gas water heaters are cheaper to operate than electric models, and the recovery rate is up to 40 percent faster. Propane gas & Natural gas still heats your water when electricity is unavailable. You can still bathe, do your dishes, and wash clothes in hot water.

Tankless Water Heaters

tankless water heater
Informational video about tankless water heaters

For supreme energy efficiency, a propane tankless water heater is hard to beat.

An Energy Star-qualified propane tankless water heater can cost about 60 percent less to operate than a standard electric storage tank, while providing a longer-lasting stream of hot water. Because a tankless unit does not need to maintain a stored water supply, it can reduce standby energy loss by up to 15 percent compared with storage water heaters... As an added bonus, tankless water heaters take up less space, are less subject to corrosion, and can last more than twice as long as a tank-style system.

Instant heat when you want it? Tankless water heaters are "on demand" systems. When you open your hot water tap, the unit senses the demand and starts the heating process. As water flows through a heat exchanger, it quickly warms to your desired temperature. When the tap is closed, the propane heater automatically shuts off. No wasted time and more important to your pocketbook, no wasted energy.

Use more, save more. While tankless water heating systems are clearly more efficient, they are also becoming more affordable. Depending on size and volume, tankless water heaters are priced as low as $400 plus installation. While payback times will vary, a whole-house tankless water heating unit can replace a 40-gallon tank water heater while providing virtually endless hot water for all of your needs. So, if your family uses a lot of hot water each month, a propane tankless water heater can deliver instant heat and lower energy bills when compared to an electric tank unit.

Outdoor Living

Outdoor living
Grill ashton

Not long ago, an outdoor cooking area consisted of a portable grill and a picnic table. Today, more and more homeowners are stepping up their game, with some creating elaborate built-in kitchens, while others opt for grills with an abundance of new prep and cooking features. What do all of these have in common? Propane or Natural Gas!

Dream it? Do it!

If you have your heart set on only the best in an outdoor kitchen, propane's clean, versatile energy will meet all of your performance and safety needs. A premium built-in cooking area – complete with large grilling surface, cooktop, oven, and rotisserie – can easily be set up to operate with a propane cylinder or on your home's main supply tank.

It's not hard to figure out why about 60 percent of home grillers use propane gas grills. Propane & Natural gas grills light instantly, heat faster than charcoal, and release less carbon monoxide, particular matter, and soot. What does that mean for you? Great-tasting food prepared in less time.

While the centerpiece of propane and natural gas grills are the surface that enables cooking over open flame, that's just the start of what today's outdoor units can offer. Like their built-in counterparts, many higher-end portable grills now come equipped with extra features such as enclosed grilling drawers and stainless-steel burners for preparing side dishes. For added convenience and safety, many larger units even come with spring-assisted hoods, enabling a busy chef to open and close the lid with ease. In addition, surface lighting and LED temperature displays are now available on many grills and ensure safe cooking long after the sun goes down.

FireMagic   Wilmington Grill

Gas Pool and Spa Heaters

Pool & Spa Rheem Hayward

Few things are better than a dip in warm water on a cool night. While there are many available options to keep outdoor pools or spas warm and inviting, propane is an excellent choice. In fact, the Energy Department says propane heaters can warm pools and spas more quickly than electric heaters and can maintain heat better in cold weather.

Fast, efficient heating

Today's advanced propane water heaters can be used to warm above-ground and in-ground pools and spas. With heat output of up to 400,000 British thermal units per hour, propane gas and natural gas heaters can quickly bring even large pools to a comfortable temperature. To ensure safety, many modern pool heaters are equipped with innovative features, such as sensors that shut off the unit if water temperatures rise above prescribed limits. Bottom line: you can rely on propane pool and spa heat to deliver safe, steady warmth all through the cool months – or just for special occasions with family and friends.

Unaffected by weather conditions

While electric heat pumps are available for pools and spas, the Energy Department reports that their initial cost is higher than that of propane and other gas pool heaters. Heat pumps start losing efficiency once ambient temperatures fall below about 50 degrees Fahrenheit, which means they use considerably more electricity to maintain water heat. Solar heating, of course, works only when there is a steady supply of sunny days.

We carry most brands of propane and natural gas pool heaters.

Lighting and Heating Products

Torch with flame Octagon Firetable Fiesta Firetable Rectangular Firetable Outdoor fireplace

Propane Gas & Natural Gas are reliable and clean energy sources for lighting exterior entryways, walks, driveways, landscaping, and outdoor entertainment spaces. To help extend the ambience, propane patio heaters and outdoor fireplaces are a great way to help your family cozy-up on cool days and chilly nights.

With a variety of styles and both wall-mounted and post-mounted options, propane lighting is an innovative way to complement the design of any home. Unlike electric bulbs, which can burn out or go dark during power outages, propane lights are a steady, reliable way to welcome guests, accent landscaping, and maintain home security.

Just as important, today's light fixtures offer convenience and safety features, such as on-off switches with automatic ignition. On decks and patios, propane lighting really shines.

Choose from a broad selection of tabletop lamps, many of which can operate on a standard camp-style propane cylinder. Meanwhile, you'll enjoy how tiki torches and pedestal propane lamps can create a great visual statement in your outdoor entertaining spaces.

These yard lamps eliminate the smell and residue that oil-burning torches can create, and many can burn for 10 hours or more on a portable propane cylinder.

Chilly weather is no match for a portable propane patio heater or outdoor fireplace.

From small tabletop heaters that can help warm up an intimate outdoor dinner to floor-standing fireplaces that can deliver a circle of radiant heat up to 20 feet in diameter, propane's clean, versatile energy can raise the outdoor air temperature by between 10 and 30 degrees Fahrenheit. And they’re 85 percent efficient, compared with the 15 percent efficiency of wood-burning fireplaces.

Most propane heaters and fireplaces feature automatic igniters for quick startup. Portable units typically offer many safety features, including an auto tilt valve that immediately shuts down the heater if it is knocked over.

Generators – Home Generator's

We do not sell Propane or Natural Gas home generators but we can get you in touch with many suppliers who do. We can help you complete your generator project by installing the propane gas or natural gas system needed to run your generator!

Email us at!

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Natural Gas Service also available!

Detweiler's Propane can provide any Natural Gas customer with service on natural gas appliances such as fireplaces, stoves, water heater, dryers, etc. If it uses Natural Gas we can help you!

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